Jim Gamble Marionettes

Jim Gamble Marionettes – John Chambers and the Wonderful World of Puppets

Jim Gamble Marionettes is a Southern California-based company that performs throughout the nation and around the world with a repertoire of original state-of-the art productions. Each show is comprised of unique puppet characters and staging and may include various puppetry styles – marionettes, rod puppets, life-size Bunraku-style puppets, hand puppets or shadow puppets. Innovative performance techniques as in Eastern Europe’s “Black Theater” enhance creative rod puppet performances. Unique control mechanisms allow refined manipulation of marionettes.

Over 1800 performances are presented annually in venues ranging from large theater venues to private events. Educators and students from hundreds of schools each year give enthusiastic reviews as they enjoy and learn from the Gamble programs. Art and music festivals spotlight JGPP shows as an enjoyable experience for family audiences.